Tuesday, November 10, 2009

這一生中,你錯過了什麼? what have you miss in your life

這一生中,你錯過了什麼? what have you miss in your life

太太在二十五歲時問丈夫,the 25 years old wife asked the husband
丈夫沮喪的回答她:the husband sad to replier her
我錯過一個新的工作機會。I have miss my new job

三十五歲時,when 35 years old
丈夫生氣的告訴她:the husband angry to replier her
我剛錯過了一班公車。I have miss the bus

四十五歲時,when 45 yeards old, ask her husband
丈夫傷心的說  the husband very sad and said
我錯過與親人見最後一面。he has miss to see his parents

五十五歲時,when 55 years old
丈夫失望的回答:the husband very disappointed to answer
我錯過了退休的好時機。I have miss a very good oppotunity to retire

六十五歲時,when 65 years old
丈夫匆匆的答說:the husband replied
我錯過了看牙醫的時間。I have miss the time to see dentist

一如往常的,as usual
太太總是回以微笑,the wife always with the smile
而微笑中總帶著落寞。in her smile with disappointed

七十五歲那年,when 75 years old
太太不再問先生了,the wife didn't ask the husband again
此時,先生正跪坐在病危的太太面前,at the time, the husband knee down in front ot the wife

想起太太每隔一段時間,when record the wife asking him a question all the time
總要問他的問題,他反過來問太太,he ask his wife back
而太太的微笑中帶著解脫回答:and the wife smile and answer him
這一生,我沒有錯過你! I never miss you in my life

此時,先生早已淚流滿面,at this moment, the tears in his face
原以為兩人可以永遠在一起,they thought they can together all the time
所以,終日忙著工作與繁瑣的事,so, his just busy in his work
卻從不曾用心體貼朝夕相處的另一半,never appreciated and care of his other half

先生緊抱著太太說:the husband hug the wife and say
這輩子,我錯過妳五十年來的深情……I have miss this 50 years with your passionate in my life

繁忙的都市裡,有著許多為工作打拚的人, people because of their work
大家總習慣於把工作當成生活的重心,they have put all the time in their work

為了滿足社會的價值,they are more important in their desire and materialistic
不惜出賣自己的時間與身體,they put all their time in work
捨不得多花時間投資健康,they never take care of their health
以至於錯過了陪同孩子成長的機會、they have miss their time grown up with their children
忽略了身旁關心自己的親友、輕忽了自己的身體。care of their relative, friends and even themselves.

珍惜,果真要在錯過後才能感受?appreciate what you have now, do not miss everything until you realize?
沒有人知道明年今日會怎麼?Nobody knows what will happen to the next


我想我或許也有錯過了些什麼 think what I have miss before
但是要珍惜已擁有的更重要 the most important is appreciate what you have now

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